Beautiful World Canada

What you need TO know

Beautiful World Canada believes hope begins with education and works with local partners in Uganda, Rwanda, and Sierra Leone.  These local partners help administer programs which enable girls living in poverty to pursue a higher education—either at the secondary level, or in college and university programs.


  • Allow students to focus on their studies by also providing students all of their basic needs.
  • Empower the next generation of leaders by teaching skills that will bring hope to their communities.
  • Will create ripple effects for the girls’ families, communities, and countries.

Scholarship recipients also become mentors or workshop leaders for fellow Beautiful World scholars once they graduate. These students inspire other girls to stay in school, work hard and set their sights on higher education – a dream that has been out of reach for many girls in countries like Rwanda.

Through funded education these girls have the potential to end the cycle of poverty and improve the quality of life for themselves, their families, as well as future generations.

Why Beautiful World Canada?

There is a low chance of continuing an education past high school– especially for girls. This is due to a high cost of attending college or university as well as few scholarships available.

Rwanda has made progress: 78% of girls graduate from primary school, and the rate of girls graduating from secondary school is improving significantly.

However, once high school ends, only 7% of girls have the chance to continue their education.

With these scholarships, young women will have the freedom to choose their path in life and create their own future. When these students graduate and find the first job of their career, their significantly increased income will pay for food, school fees and homes for their families.   

Metrics of Impact

Support girls in Rwanda who are either conflict or HIV orphans or young mothers pursuing science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) college program.

Current students are studying critical programs like Water Management, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Civil engineering – all of which will contribute to the local infrastructure and improve the quality of life for everyone in Rwanda, especially for those living in poverty.

If we were to raise $500 000 that would support 125 girls fully for 2 years in Rwanda to attend college for STEM education. Should Strathcona High School partner with Beautiful World Canada, we could fund a full cohort of students from start to finish. They could be the Strathcona 2018 graduates of Rwanda. The Strathcona community would be able to see the girls grow in their programs.

Full 2 Year Degree = $4000