What you need to know

The Earth Group exists entirely to provide food, water, and education to children globally.  This is accomplished through a worldwide partnership with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), that sees the company donating 100% of its profits directly to funding school meal programs.  

Around the world every six seconds a child dies from a lack of food and water. Earth Group is currently trying to reverse this trend. Founders Kori Chilibeck & Matt Moreau in partnership with WFP (the largest humanitarian agency fighting world hunger) have provided over 2 million meals to children globally (250 000 school meals annually).

Once a year, Earth Group consults with the United Nations to choose three countries in greatest need to support as well as set a goal for a number of meals they will provide.

Earth Group creates products that are socially conscious and encourage consumers to be “Agents of Change.” They sell tea, coffee, and water from which 100% of the profits go to the WFP. All of their products are fair trade, organically grown and packaged using one hundred percent recycled materials.


Why Earth Group?

The Earth Group funds what is called the Essential Package: Food, Water and Education. At all of Earth Group’s projects, school is free and is where students are learning as well as receiving food and clean water. This encourages families to send their children to school to receive an education. In addition, they will also send girls home with an extra meal for their family, as an incentive to continue to send girls to school.

A strong partnership with the United Nations Food Programme allows Earth Group to have access to the infrastructure required to execute projects anywhere in the world in the most cost effective way.

Earth Group looks to feed children living in some of the poorest places on Earth and right here in Edmonton through unique relationships with the biggest food retailers in the world and the WFP.

Earth Group has challenged Strathcona to create positive change in the lives of people who need it most by feeding 1.1 million children around the world and even locally in Edmonton. This campaign will not only support global projects but also Edmonton’s own Food Bank.

Metrics of impact

Earth Group will act as a major sponsor by donating an additional $75,000 to the campaign.  

Raising a total of $450 000 would provide, Food, Water and Education to 1 Million Children living in the poorest places on Earth.

In addition, it would provide a meal to at least 100,000 local people in Edmonton who are in desperate need via the Edmonton Food Bank.