iHuman Youth Society

What you need To know

In 1997, a few Edmontonians came together to solve a problem:  there were too many marginalized and abandoned young people on the streets.  

Homelessness.  Addictions. Mental Illness.  

There was no existing model that worked well to engage the youth directly in solving this problem.  

iHuman Youth Society built an alternative model that was more attractive, more empowering, more youth driven, and built on creativity.  The authentic culture at the iHuman Youth Society is one of acceptance, openness and a genuine willingness to support youth.

iHuman invites young people aged 12-24 years, to transform trauma into purpose through caring, creative and authentic programs and services.


  • An Outreach team helps youth access primary care in terms of medical, dental, housing, food, and other basic needs.

  • Workers develop trusting relationships to help deliver individualized service from intake to addiction treatment. The team provides youth with experienced support and connections to various social services & advocacy.


  • Arts programming involves various art mediums such as sculpting, painting, drawing, printmaking and performance art.
  • Music programming such as writing, composing and performing.
  • Textile programming such as design and fashion.


  • Programs that develop parenting skills and help build or improve relationships with their children.

  • Programs that allow youth to support each other to remain clean and sober.

  • Youth give back by developing curriculum workshops and training sessions using drama, theatre and performance arts.

Why iHuman

Open Monday-Friday, the focus is to offer youth opportunities to meet with iHuman professional staff and other social agency personnel as required, to engage in harm reduction activities, and participate in arts-related activities that foster positive self-worth and encourage reintegration into the community.

Through creativity, youth develop their artistic talents and empower themselves to make positive changes toward healthier life choices.

As a result, hundreds of youth beat the odds, break the cycle and become healthy members of our City.  

Metrics of Impact

Your selection of iHuman youth will enable resources to support continued access to a safe location that honours Treaty 6 territory and the vulnerable youth who need their programs and services.

Funds will be used to:

  1. Allow programs to continue to run that youth identify as important (80%)
    1. Outreach and Crisis Intervention - basic needs like food, clothing etc.
    2. Creative Studios - art supplies, technology
    3. LiNKS Mental Health Clinic - this is the program that provides the free mental health counselling
    4. Woven Journey - this is the program that provides the young moms with help for their babies, child care
    5. Bursary Program - this program gives small bursaries ($500-1000) to youth who get admitted to school or training
  2. Social Enterprise and to contribute to the trust fund/ that allows iHuman to have a building/place to operate from (20%)
  3. Gain awareness for youth in Edmonton