Jack Davis Hope Foundation

What you need TO know

The Jack Davis Hope Foundation is home grown in Edmonton. In 2007, Blain Davis and his wife Kristen met to take out a loan in order to purchase a physiotherapy system that would help their son who was living with Cystic Fibrosis; The machine would cost $20 000.

Four days after their meeting with their friend, who was a mortgage broker, their doorbell rang and it was a delivery.  

Their broker had contacted friends, family and strangers to raise the money to buy the system. This story of giving inspired Blain to found "The Jack Davis Hope Foundation.”

Due to the generosity that Blain experienced to save his son, he now looks to help as many families as he can.

Why the Jack Davis Foundation?

A unique way to fundraise: Blain runs 250km plus desert ultra marathons around the world to raise funds for the foundation.  He has run in the Sahara desert, Gobi desert, Wadi Rum desert (Jordan), Atacama desert (Chile) twice, and the Grand Canyon.

Blain hates to run but he says, "I chose something that I wasn't good at and that hurt because I know the pain that I feel during these races does not compare to what my son and other children have to go through each day."

With the funds he receives from each run his family looks to “Pay It Forward” to give hope to families that fight day in and day out to find hope for their children.

Metrics of Impact

Each week the Foundation receives requests from social workers at the Stollery Children’s Hospital on behalf of families, and from families themselves for needs associated with the care of their little ones. The Foundation helps with small and large projects.  

They have helped 51 families in the last 3 years.  Generally, low income families facing unexpected costs outside their budgets and incomes.  Children’s age from 6 months old and 12 years old.

Devices not covered by insurance

  • Custom Orthotic Helmets
  • Blood Pressure Equipment
  • Suction Machine
  • Positive Airway Breathing Devices
  • Wheelchair Lift Systems
  • Wheelchair Rentals

Transportation costs to receive care and Hospital Parking

Hotel costs while receiving care

Meal costs

  • Food Vouchers
  • Formula Costs

Christmas Gifts for Sick Children