KidSport Society of Edmonton

What you need to know

KidSport believes that no kid should be left on the sidelines and that all kids should get the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of organized sport.

KidSport Edmonton is one of over 178 community chapters across Canada and 38 in Alberta that work locally to identify needs in the community, raises funds, and supports programs that create new opportunities for kids to participate in sport.

KidSport Edmonton does this by helping to pay for sport registration fees for children and youth 18 years and younger who are from low income families and cannot afford the costs associated with participating in organized sport programs.

Positive Benefits of Sports:

  • Regular physical activity improves a child's mental health and contributes to their overall growth and development.  
  • The skills and relationships developed through recreation and sports not only better equip children and youth to avoid high-risk and dangerous situations, but can also help them develop the fundamental building blocks for healthy citizenship.

WHY KidSport?

In 2015, KidSport Edmonton experienced dramatic growth in demand for their services, resulting in a 37% increase in kids supported through registration fees.

A recent report has shown that 143, 200 children in Alberta lived in poverty 2012.

Participation in sport means that kids from low income families aren’t left on the sidelines, giving them equal opportunity as their peers. KidSport levels the playing field for them.

KidSport is helping vulnerable children participate in their communities in a positive way and setting these children up for future success.

All of this benefits the entire community by keeping these kids active and healthy.  

Metrics of Impact

In Edmonton during 2015 KidSport helped 2,029 kids across 44 different sports (including soccer, hockey, taekwondo, gymnastics, football, basketball, dance and many others).

The funds would be used for their primary program, paying for sport registration fees for kids from low income families.

Currently they provide up to $250 per kid every year to allow them to play a sport of their choice.

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