What you need to know

Missing Children Society of Canada was established in 1986 to assist police and families in active and ongoing searches for missing children, helping to bring answers and returning children to families all over Canada.

Their mission is to return missing children to a safe haven through professional investigations, emergency response, public awareness, and family support program.

They focus on creating public awareness and knowledge of missing children cases by engaging Canadians as Digital Volunteers. They provide support for families during the search as well as in the reunification process.


Why the Missing Children Society of Canada?

The Missing Children Society of Canada assists with Stranger Abductions, Parental Abductions, Disappearances, and Endangered Youth cases by providing families with ongoing investigative support and advocacy – no matter how long the investigation has gone unsolved.

The organization has pioneered an innovative new technology-driven search program that harnesses the power of public social media reach and corporate Digital Volunteers.  It’s the first-of-its-kind worldwide and has put Canada at the forefront for child abduction first response services and supporting law enforcement in this critically important public service.

Police receive over 45,000 reports of missing children annually; that's the equivalent of one child every 12 minutes. Each week MCSC close an average of 3 registered files and work with all types of families at no charge – regardless of socioeconomic status. MCSC provides 24-hour support to police and families in the search for missing children.

Metrics of Impact

Strathcona School will raise funds to support the “Help Find Me” program.

What is #HFM?

Part of the challenge MCSC faces is acquiring information on a child, such as last-known whereabouts and contacts, and providing that information to local law enforcement. MCSC and Microsoft are about to launch the Help Find Me or #HFM program to alleviate this obstacle.

This technology is the first of its kind and it will allow children and youth across Canada to have a social media safety tool that provides them the means to share their information if they feel they are in danger.

In addition, we will bring awareness to the #HFM initiative in hopes of all students signing up for the platform. By encouraging people to use the software, Strathcona will help start the journey of providing a resource for all Canadian youth to go to if they feel unsafe or vulnerable and provide valuable information to law enforcement.