What You Need to Know

Young  Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) was established in 2000 by Geoff Eaton after he conquered his first cancer challenge at the age of 22. After his incredible feat, Geoff looked to help those who had experienced similar struggles. Since their start 18 years ago, YACC believes in helping young adults living with and beyond cancer.

On average 22 young adults will be diagnosed with cancer in Canada each day. The cancer experience is a massive challenge, no matter when it comes, but for young adults, cancer is different due to one’s stage of life. Studies have shown that young adults with cancer want to connect with others who have had similar experiences. These relationships help form connections, understanding, and hope. YACC aims to support young adults with any type of cancer, at any stage.  

“To be the connection to peers, bridge out of isolation, and source of inspiration.”

why yacc?

Cancer can affect anyone; it could be one of your peers, a family member or a stranger on the street. Suddenly, when you are challenged by a cancer diagnosis it completely changes the way one lives on a day-to-day basis. Issues like your future, finances, and freedom take on a whole new meaning. This is where YACC comes in. YACC uses their resources to focus on this age group through digital, local, and national programs. With more financial support YACC would be able to expand their ability to support the ones in need and make sure that they all have access to what they want the most - a connection with a peer who ‘gets it’.

Metrics of Impact

All of the Scona Initiative funds will be directed to YACC's support programs. These different conferences, digital platforms, and personal support groups help participants live and love life. They are all designed to help young adults looking for inspiration, information and support as they navigate the challenges cancer presents.

  • $118 pays for a full day of expenses for YACC’s digital community, their website and private Facebook groups which gives young adults a 24/7 connection.

  • $1500 covers all costs for one young adult to attend “Retreat Yourself.”

  • $15,000 covers a full year of “Localife” which connects young adults through social events in cities across Canada

  • $37,000 covers all expenses for YACC’s “Retreat Yourself Adventure” that gives 18 young adults the opportunity to climb a mountain while building a path forward after treatment ends.

  • $125,000 gives 100 young adults from coast to coast the “Survivor Conference” experience which is four days of workshops, speakers, inspiration, and connection to help them make the best of the rest of their lives.

  • $400,000 gives the life-changing experience of YACC’s retreats and conferences to 267 young adults.